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Packing Your Car Wisely for Vacations

With warmer weather here and children out of school, many people are taking to the road for vacation trips. While you want to be sure you pack what you need to enjoy vacation, over-packing your vehicle can ratchet up the driving dangers, and it’s wise to be aware of what they are.

How can over-packing create visibility hazards?

When you cram your back seat with boxes and luggage, they can block the rear window and force you to rely on side-view mirrors. Cars already have blind spots and the chances of not seeing a car or a child walking behind your vehicle increases when rearview mirror views are blocked. You should avoid over packing that blocks your visibility.

What are the blind spots in a car?

Vehicles have blind spots on either side of the vehicle and also one in the rear of the vehicle. SUVs and pickup trucks have larger blind spot areas than smaller vehicles have.

Consumer Reports did a study where researchers measured the blind spots in a variety of vehicle models and also evaluated the size of blind spots based on whether the driver was of average height or short. Small and midsize sedans had from 12 to 13 feet of blind spot area for an average driver and 24 and 22 feet of blind area for short drivers. A mid sized SUV had blind spots that were 18 feet for average drivers and 28 feet for short drivers. Pickup trucks’ blind spots were 24 feet for average drivers and 35 feet for short drivers.

Why do over-packed cars add extra danger during car accidents?

Despite the fact that you and your family are secured by seat belts, boxes and luggage crammed into the backseat of your car are typically not fastened down. In a collision, the impact causes objects to shift and you are at greater risk of being hit by a flying object.

Please be careful not to over pack your vehicles and also to take precautions while driving. If you suffer injury in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, the Law Offices of David R. Lewis offers a free consultation to discuss your potential case.



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